Personalised inhalation is here

Personalised inhalation is here

Despite considerable advances in respiratory medicine and device technology patient adherence is often poor leading to emergency room visits and subsequent distress to patients1,2.

Our mission is to get more medicine in the right areas of the lung. Everything we do is about understanding the mechanics of pulmonary drug delivery so that the medicine you prescribe gets to the right place. Using breath-actuated delivery via specific breathing manoeuvres, clinical data show that exacerbations can be reduced (e.g. severe asthma) and lung function improved compared to conventional therapy3.
Additionally, our Smart Card technology means that every patient’s adherence can be automatically collected and analysed.

AKITA® JET (CE0088) is a unique inhalation system. Would you like to learn how it can help your patients?

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IMPORTANT NOTE: AKITA® JET is not for sale on the US market

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