The AKITA® JET Inhalation System is a reusable, breath-actuated jet nebuliser designed to aerosolize liquid medications.

It guides the patient to inhale with a pre-set inspiratory flow rate and inhalation volume/time to ensure precise and targeted drug delivery to the patient’s lungs. The device achieves a more favorable regional deposition (higher peripheral, and lower oropharyngeal and central deposition) and lower interpatient lung deposition variability, compared with conventional nebulisers [1-5].

AKITA®JET is a CE marked medical device (CE0123)

  • The AKITA® JET can be used with medication for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory passages and lungs.

  • The system is suitable for use at home, hospital and general practice for temporary oral inhalation of a liquid medication prescribed or recommended by a physician.

  • The AKITA® JET Inhalation System must be used only on conscious, cooperative patients from the age of 3 years onwards and is not intended for life support purposes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: AKITA® JET is not for sale on the US market

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